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Are you ready to start your vlog & increase your engagement with your audience?

To give you a little context on this post since this is my first Vlog post, I'll explain what led to me finally jumping on the Vlog bandwagon. Earlier in the week while doing some research for my blog I stumbled upon some statistics that truly impressed me. Here is the link to that post if you'd like to read in detail, but to sum it up, mobile video consumption is increasing exponentially. Armed with this fresh knowledge I promised myself I would start my Video Blog to further help my followers with their photography, digital media, and art projects! So here we are, the beginning of my Vlog journey, it is thrilling. For my first episode I decided what more appropriate to discuss than how to start your very own blog with little experience and minimum equipment. Thank you guys for joining me for this first post, if you find this helpful please subscribe and share!

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