Beauty doesn’t Wane

This photograph was taken on one of my favorite roads, a winding narrow path extending from one end of Casey key to another. The East side of the key facing the inter-coastal waterway and the West side, the Gulf of Mexico. One might think after seeing it a thousand times that I would be immune to the magnetic beauty that exists there. This however is not the case, each day I get to see where the white sanded shoreline meets the crystal clear water I feel fortunate and smile. The truth is I appreciate the key’s beauty even more now, having watched it weather erosion, rising seas, and powerful hurricanes from year to year. While driving home one evening recently, I decided to drive down the little road to catch the last bit of light during a lovely sunset. I had a car behind me which is not uncommon on this road so I was going faster than normal. Coming along the last turn before the end of the road I saw a familiar place in the road in a way I had never before. The cool blue light from the night sky glancing off the surface of the water. All that and a lazy swaying palm tree to add the perfect subject to represent my relaxed and mesmerized state. I slowed down just long enough to get one shot off. This one shot turned out to be the best I have taken so far in this particular location, teaching me a valuable lesson. I realized when one truly love‘s and appreciates the beauty in something that beauty will only grow stronger over time.

Photographer thoughts,


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