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Lazy Moon

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

As so many great adventures begin, the trip leading to this capture started with a long, moderately-cramped, plane ride to visit a good friend. Landing in Berlin, Connecticut, I could see an endless landscape filled with quaint houses lining wooded hills. It was the type of place that inspired a cool calm in the soul, seeming to slow down the hand on my wrist watch by a good fraction. Despite the temptation of the beauty in Connecticut, we headed to our final destination, a remote cabin in the foothills of Vermont. As our drive progressed, so did the scale of the rolling hills, which eventually resembled rounded mountains more so than hills. The drive up to our cabin felt like the ascent of a roller coaster, rather than a drive on a road. Arriving at the Cabin just before dark, we struggled to get in the front door, not knowing the code to the key-safe attached to the door. Predictably the phone service was lacking, so we had no choice but to head back down the road to find a better connection. About half way down the steep and winding road, where the thick brush on either side gave way to rolling grass fields, we discovered a scene so breathtaking we were forced to put life on hold and appreciate the awe-inspiring moment. We were stunned by a beautiful larger than life Harvest Blood Moon sitting lazily over the rolling landscape in the distance. I had never been so thrilled to have a travel size camera. Shooting the scene I felt a sense of appreciation for life's happy accidents. Chance is the great cultivator of life, beauty, and in this case a stunning photograph capturing a one-of-a-kind moment.



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