Drones - The good, the bad, the ugly.

Theres nothing more exciting than seeing something for the first time. That's why drone videos have become the latest marketing and viral video sensation. As the price of these flying machines has become more consumer friendly all sorts of people are taking to the skies to capture that stunning view. While in one respect it's a wonderful technology at a friendly price point, its a bit scary to think about some of the less popular implications. For example, most drones typically have a 180 degree wide angle camera on them which is wonderful for landscape photographers, hobbyists, and real estate photographers but It becomes a bit concerning when you think about just how far and high these flying cameras can stray from their operator.

Current regulation states anyone can fly a drone under a certain size for recreational purposes as long as they register the drone and follow certain guidelines put out by the FAA. However if you are looking to fly a drone commercially (for profit, marketing, etc) then one must obtain a part 107 certificate from the FAA. Another often overlooked necessity when flying for commercial purposes is drone insurance. The liability involved with drone operations is much higher than normal photography projects. We all have a right to safety and privacy; as drones become more prevalent a balance will have to be found between this wonderful new technology and how we protect ourselves, our privacy and airspace.

The most important thing if you're going to fly for fun or for hire is to plan ahead. Your pre-flight checklists, no-fly zone maps, and FAA training are your best friend. Drones may be advertised as toys but they have the capacity to not only cause damage to property but also people and animals as well. Flying a drone illegally could also cost you as seen in numerous cases where the FAA has fined individuals upwards of $55,000 in some instances.



If you have any questions about flying drones for hobby or commercial purposes please references the FAA website. If you have any inquires about professional drone photos or videos just message us and we will provide you with any information you may need and a free quote.

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