Bad audio = Bad video

For many marketers, budding photographers, and anyone creating a film on a budget.. It seems like a noble cause to focus solely on the quality of the video rather than audio and video alike, after all they're being paid for a "video" right. The fact is that quality sound plays just as important of role in the success of the video as the quality of the image itself. Whether a one-on-one interview, upscale company event, or video tour the audio matters tremendously. Not only does the audio act as a narrator for the production, but audio is also another opportunity to relay our call to action to the audience. Studies show that videos without quality audio are perceived more negatively by the audience than videos that have quality audio, regardless of the quality of each video respectively. The message here is that you really want to include both high quality audio and video in your productions to impress your clients, and more importantly the production's audience.

There are ways to record quality audio on a budget. A popular way to improve audio during interviews is the use of a lapel mic, smartphone, and a sound recording app. This simple setup will cost you under $100 (if you have the phone already), and improve your sound drastically. While this setup works for interviews it can be a bit tricky to use during live events. This is where hiring a professional is truly worth the investment. Professional stereo-microphones, like the kind my favorite brand RODE makes, can be expensive and difficult to setup. Whether you want to do it yourself, or need a professional team for your production please message us and we will be happy to help! Remember one of the most important tasks to remember creating great productions is to ask the right questions.

Happy Recording,


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